My Day in Photos (ER Trip)

It was a nice day to go to the hospital.
Thought it might be something very bad that I had before, but it's spider bites (3).
Back of the building - a fire exit from the basement to the right and to the left is the emergency generator.
No idea what the pipes are for at the back of the building.
Parking lot to the right, lawn that slopes down to the basement windows to the left.
Fall risk label - if you are a fall risk, they flip this around so they can see if before entering the room you are put in in the ER.
Hard to see, but there is a bone here, probably from a medium sized bird by the look of it.
This is teaching your child the wrong thing. A discarded Childs mask outside the ER at the F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital.
Again, people are slobs, toss it in the trash, not on the bloody ground. It's not hard, you need to walk 30 feet back in and toss it in the trash.
Kind of wonder how this happened. If it was hit by a car, the car was on the sidewalk.
Just liked the shot.
Baseball diamonds in the distance on the left and the helicopter landing pad on the right.
Hundreds of seagulls flying over the F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.


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