Free Hard Ice Tea?

This bottle of hard ice tea was left out downstairs with a couple cans of food I did not want. I just say iced tea and seem to have had a brain fart and missed the "hard" part. It literally says vodka and alcohol on the bottle as well - missed all of that. Took it home put it in the fridge and later at night had a mug of it. Well I got a buzz off of it and looked at it and was like "oops". See I should not be drinking with the meds I'm on and I have issues with NOT knowing when to stop drinking. This being said, I finished the bottle in about 6 hours and wondered off to bed. I was not going to waste it you see.

But here is the deal, kids could have gotten into it. It was in a public place and no one around at all. That made me rather angry, as it's very irresponsible. These things are like $14.42 after taxes. Who just puts it out to be taken by someone? It's the thing to leave stuff in that spot you don't want anymore.

It did taste good and at 7% was more than enough to get me buzzed up good. I really should have dumped it, as I was a bit too buzzed in the end, but I drank it.

I have to give the product a 7/10 for taste and an 8/10 for value. It's quite tasty.


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