Answering 10 Random Questions

1. What is the worst pain you ever felt in your lifetime?
I had an operation to repair a hernia. After I realized the pain meds had done literally nothing at all. I was in extreme pain and on the edge of passing out for many hours after. This lasted a couple of days, because all the pain meds they prescribed did was made me constipated. Turns out I’m extremely resistant to most pain medication. It kind of sucks when I hurt my back, because there is nothing they can do to kill the pain, and it happens at least once every 2 months.

2. Do obese people realize how repulsive they are to other people?
30% of people in the USA are obese. So you seem to have a big problem here. The idea that you find a third of all people you encounter to be repulsive, must be a hell of a thing to live with. I’d hate to be that bothered by the way other people look personally. There is also the idea of how lacking in logic this actually is. Obesity is generally not something that can be fixed with ease - at best it can be put off for a couple of years with surgery that is very dangerous to the health of the person. In most cases people who are obese don’t actually eat more than most people or eat junk food. It is folly to think all people of size are eating right and there is a portion that did it to themselves, but for the most part they did nothing to cause it. I have been obese since I was 9 years old. For most of my life I was extremely active and eat no more than anyone I knew. I also tended to eat balanced meals.

There is also the fact that a good number of people of size have a physical disability of some kind that limits their ability to move around well. There is easy access to information on the topic.

One last thing, going along in life being turned off by a large number of people is no way to live, and I recommend you enter therapy for this. It has to be damaging to you, and holding you back from a fulfilling life.

3. What is the most common fear or phobia among children? Do most children have at least one fear or phobia?
The dark. A large number of children are afraid to be in a totally dark room. This is said to be caused by our primitive mind that is instinctual, and a mechanism from ancient times to keep us safe. We don’t see well in the dark, and dangerous animals hunt in the dark. In the time before civilization, this would have been a big problem for humans, as we would be food to these animals. It’s the reason our body literally wants to shut down in the night and be active in the day.

However most kids get over this fear before they enter puberty.

4. Do you think money brings happiness in your life?
Simple answer is no. However when you have a deep and justified fear of not having enough money to feed yourself, or to have a home to live in, you are more than likely not going to be happy all that often. To have money in this situation makes a person able to be happy a lot more of the time. So it’s really a yes and no there.

To be honest there are people who literally live in shanty towns and pick trash to be able to live, and some of them are happy most of the time. It all depends on the person. It’s a lot more complicated than yes or no. The thing that has given me the most joy in my life I paid for. This small item has made my life dramatically better. It is a small stuffed cat (toy). If I never was able to buy it, my level of happiness would be diminished greatly. So money DID bring me happiness.

This all being said, I can be happy just by sitting on a park bench and watching the birds. I can also be happy by being with friends. As I say, it’s more complicated than most people think it is. I also have to say, that most people that say it does NOT bring happiness, tend to have enough money to be secure in their lives. They do not fear being on the street or not being able to eat or buy medication.

5. What are awkward moments during ultrasounds of men’s testicles?
I was not only done by a woman, there was a younger woman student watching that after the tech was done, had a go at doing it. The first time it was mildly uncomfortable as in slight pain. The student pressed harder and it naturally hurt more. To be honest, when I had it done on a large blood clot in my leg, it hurt more. As for being embarrassed, this is just not going to happen. I’ve been a nudist my entire life and have not been shy about my body since my early teen years. I was examined by a female doctor once as well. That was interesting because a nurse had to watch - it’s regulations. The nurse looked like she would really rather be doing something else, and I found that strangely amusing.

6. What is the most important decision you have ever made so far?
To terminate medical intervention, so that my Mother would die sooner and not suffer for much longer. 

To be honest I hope you never have this choice to make, it left a hole in my soul.

7. Have you taken a mixed shower?
At a nudist camp I attended one time, there was only one shower and it was a group shower. Both men and women showered at the same time.

8. What makes you happy when your mood is upset?
Music. Chatting with my friends. Holding a stuffed toy cat I own. Remembering the good times.

9. Why do I feel like I keep embarrassing myself and feel dumb as a person?
Society teaches us at a young age that we will be mocked or punished for doing things out of the norm or not living up to standards of the society. Even if these imposed standards cant be obtained by most people, we are effected by that pressure. This can make us feel like a fool or like we are not up to standard in many ways like intelligence. They can also make us ashamed of our looks or the clothing we can afford. Social pressure is a force that affects most people in a negative light at times.

10. Why do nurses ask male patients to get their clothes off?
Because that is their job. They are there to help treat you and to prepare you for examination and treatment. Rather often when you are in a situation like this, you need to remove your clothing or part of your clothing to be examined or treated. A good example is surgery - it is kind of difficult to operate on a person when they are dressed, it also brings in a heightened risk of infection if you are not nude.


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