You want to loan me how much?

You want to loan me how much? OK I make $14,136 a year and am on the dole. So explain to me why you think I should borrow almost an entire years pay from you all. I have never contacted these people other then when they where phoning me to try and get me to take out a loan. I had to threaten to have the guy charged with harassments because he just kept freaking calling and leaving voicemails. I have $300 with the bank I'll probably never pay off, so this kind of money would be out of the question that I could even make payments on it. BTW They give you a month to make up your mind I see. What happens then? The tools send me another one in the freaking mail. I always know it's them even with the unlabeled envelope - the dang card in there gives it away. To be honest I mostly just open it to check then toss it out. This time I decided to show it off and the great amount of absurdity it is to loan a tone of cash to someone who mostly runs out of money mid month.


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