Instagram Badges Not Being Issued

Instagram is ticking me off. It's NOT giving me the badges I should get. The 1000 plays badge has never been issued to me and literally every real I post gets over 1000 plays as you see in the screen shot. Often they get 2000 or more. I had one with a hell of a lot more than 1K views as it went viral (ok mini viral). The 10K posts should be mine as well, as I've posted over 12,000 things now. I honestly have no clue how many reals I've posted but it's at least 2 a day for a couple of years now. Getting close to 1500 followers as well - should be in a month or so. I do have a lot of fun on Instagram I have to say. I enjoy posting the song of the day, the selfie of the day for the 10 year challenge and so on. I have posted a lot of comedy clips as well. It's just a fun outlet.


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