Update in 4 Parts

Thursday coffee outing was fun. I love being with my friends, however I was having a serious Fibromyalgia flare and it kind of sucked that way. Getting up off the chairs they put us in was a task from hell, and was very painful. I almost went to the floor a couple of times as well - I got very light headed and wobbly. I don't need that shit in public. I might not have been able to get off the floor and would need to go to the hospital. My body is easily damaged by falling now, and the last time I fell, it caused serious issues that needed a 9 day hospital stay. But I enjoyed the outing a lot. I hated the coffee however, and tossed cream in it to tone it down.
Pierogis with buffalo ranch dressing on them for dinner last night. It's not too spicy, so it did not give me issues. I do however have an upset tummy today, but this is common the last 3 months or so. Normally by mid afternoon it's not upset anymore. I should talk to the doctor about this.
A bit nasty, but here it is. The flakes on the floor are from my left heal. It peals off in chunks like this. It can become painful at times as well. Right now it's hurting. I'm putting stuff on it to help, but it still hurts. There is also a bone spur under there that makes walking hurt more.
This is me rendering flame fractals with JWildfire 8.50 on my Very Small Frame PC. It's a 21 inch monitor BTW. The web cam is good video wise, but the audio on it sucks badly. The speakers are good for what I use them for - listening to vlogs. I don't tend to play music on them ever. They are a good range for voice and work well enough. They have lasted 14 or so years now and I more than got my money out of them.


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