Health of my feet and so on

My feet have looked better than the last few years I have to say. The edema is not as bad as it was yesterday, but it's rather bad. You can see the leg and foot are puffed up a lot with water retention (Edema).

You can also see my heals are in rough shape. Yes, I've seen much worse, but I am not able to deal with them before they get even worse, I just can't physically get at them to do it. The heals peal off and there is dead skin all over my apartment because of it. They also hurt when I have them flat on the floor to watch TV or be at the computer. I put stuff on them sometimes when I can, but not always.

As for the Edema, I have compression stockings, but they don't fit correctly and cut into my legs, and that can cause even more problems I don't need in my life.

The Edema being ever present is not a good sign at all I've read. I have heart failure and it might be getting worse. I see the heart doctor next week and will see what he has to say. I was recently in the ER and the doctor was concerned for what she was seeing on the heart monitor. That never happened before and I have to think that it could be an indication that indeed my heart failure is getting worse.

I had an incident many months ago where I blacked out and ended up drinking for 2 days and consumed 2250 ml of Vodka in the time frame. Drinking a lot can damage your heart and definitely can make heart failure worse. So a really big hit of it all at once like this, may have damaged me. There is no fixing this damage, and once done, it is permanent. At best you can just keep it from getting worse.

My back is also acting up, but that will be in another blog post about going to the ER.


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