WTF Google - Wasting My Time AGAIN

Google, you can be a severe pain in my ass, and often. Today was one of those days. So for like 20 years I've been using Outlook on the PC to check my emails. I've had 3 Gmail accounts on it for many years now. Today I fire it up and it turns on my browser and want's me to authorize the use of my Gmail by the Outlook app. WTAF? I've had not one issue in many years, and not only do I need the password and so on, I had to use my phone to make it work already in the past, so why the HELL am I now having to tell it, it's OK to do, yet again.

Here is the hint, if someone on MY PC was using it, this would have been pointless, as all it does is come up with a box to check the account and a yes/no for allowing it. No entry of passwords or authentication of many kind needed at all. Just a pointless waste of my time for 3 different accounts.


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