Fuck The Poor We Want More

Why are people so stupid? Why are they all lining up to hate the poor and the disadvantaged? The right wing nut jobs keep pumping out all kinds of fake news about "welfare queens" and so on. The fact that the always get caught in a lie does not phase any of their moronic followers in the least bit. Ya know all you have to do is look up online how much people get in what ever situation they are in. It will be on the welfare departments web site all listed out in a nice little table for you to read. I also love that in the last absolute bull shit hate the poor thing I saw, the woman was supposed to be getting $450 a month on food stamps. Well with a husband and 3 kids, do the math. This is NOT a lot of money. I pay $250 to $300 a month to feed myself and I am just one person. I just love how many of these people are in a well paying union job and still think somehow that the welfare system is handing out so much money, these people are getting more than they are. If this was true, why would anyone be working for less than $25 an hour? Think about it. The fact is, there is this profound feeling of self entitlement that they have. This leads to the fuck the poor, we want more attitude. They blame the taxes they pay almost exclusivity on welfare and social programs. It's so far from reality that it is unimaginable that they actually think this. The reality is, if you put all the subsidies that business gets into the mix, you will find that the government is shelling out a hell of a lot more to them than to the poor. There is also the political shell that is known as "make work". They don't dare call it that though and they hide the fact that they are paying at least half of the wage of the people who get these "new jobs" in the first place. The other reality of this one is that when the 2 months or 6 months term is up for the subsidised portion, these people are let go and more are brought in to keep the government money coming in. Then the government at the end of the year will spout out how many jobs they "created". The reality is, it's the same small group of people going from short term to short term some place else and they are counted many times as "new jobs". Why is this not jumped on by the right wing? Oh wait for the most part, these are the people getting the handout to "create jobs". Here in town it's like $300 a month for rent they give you. There is literally not one place here that you can get an apartment for that. For $450 though, you can get a place that is so small you can only own a bed and nothing else and the paint is pealing off the walls. So you have to pay money out of what they give you for food just to be in a warm place. Not a safe place though. Not by far. People are just all too stupid these days and ready to accept anything the media tells them. They are literally drowns for a political movement that wants to literally let poor people starve to death in the streets in order to get more profits. Man the people that fall for this always make me wonder how crappy the world will be for the next generation. In the mean time, the rich are getting more rich and the middle class is shrinking and burdened with a pile of debt. Debt that is there because the listened to the media telling them to buy a bunch of crap to look like they are successful in the eyes of other sheep. I love that the majority of the right wing claim to be Christians too. Christ would literally be telling these people to their face, that they are terrible sinners and not worthy of his gift. That is the best part. In the end, I don't know if I should laugh at the stupidity or pray for the people they are trying to crush.

Peace and Love - Dave.


  1. Because they are afraid to be poor themselves, most people will brush with poverty at least once in their lifetime

    1. I think it's more then that. More and more hate for the poor out there and its not rational.


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