Dear YouTube Stuff Your Recommended Videos Will Ya?

So both these have been on every last video I seen in the last 2 days in the sidebar. I don't know how long it says "new" for but it's been 2 days sooo... The other thing is, there is no way for me to lick "I don't FLIPPING CARE" so it will be stuck there for a week or more just like the last 2 or 3 it was trying to force me to click on. If I do click this utter CRAP to get rid of it, then it will spawn even more of this shit in my sidebar. For the love of life, let me tell you I don't want to see this shit and make it go away. I am starting to be to the point where I want to write an extension that will cover the sidebar so I don't have to look at this CRAP any more. Holly shit on a stick - it's like the one time for two months non stop it wanted me to watch little kids doing gymnastics. I have zero interest in that at all and ask me if I think people should be posting videos of their very young kids dressed like that tumbling around on a place proliferated with perverts? How the living hell did these even get into my recommends? What did I possibly watch? All I watch is daily vloggers, street racing and cyst popping videos. And tell me why every single video I watch has these 2 videos of zero interest to me stamped on them? Sigh... So the point of your marketing is to annoy people until they click it just to make it go away? WOW...


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