My Mew Medication Is Very Expensive

Ok this is a life preserving medication called Entresto. It's new and all. The idea of me taking it is to slow down the heart failure that is in process right now with me. Look at that price. There is a thing where I can get a free year of it and that is what I am doing now. At the end of this if it is not covered by the drug plan I will have to apply for exceptional status for it. This would have it covered so I don't have to pay literally more money that I have just to stay alive. I am literally praying that it is covered in by the end of this year free. The thing is when you apply for exceptional status you have to first pay for it then they will pay you back the first time, after that it is just covered. The ability for me to come up with $267.02 is about non existent. And to come up with more money that I have left over after rent, food and bills every month would be rather a problem to say the least. So here is hoping that Sask Health covers this in the future. Fact is I pay less for all the rest of the dugs I am on combined. Well I would if they where not covered that is.


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