The True Measure of Success

Most of the time people trust me almost form the first moment they encounter me. This could have lead me down 2 paths. I could have screwed them over and taken from them. But I chose to help them and to build them up instead. The measure of who a person is, is not how much they have but how they treat others. The only thing of true value in this world is to be loved and accepted for all the right reasons. Often we confuse the desire to be like someone (rich and powerful or talented) with loving them. this is not love now matter what the media tells you. This is only an empty desire pro-generated by illusion of success. In the end money, power and fame is meaningless. We all die and we all rot in the ground. What is more important is to be loved and missed after you are gone. We throw away celebrity, political power and fame when we are done with them. The new guard comes along and the old ones are forgotten. It is rare for someone of fame to have a lasting impart on the world. In ever instance where I can think they have, they where people who gave to this world not who demanded from it. When I pass I know a lot of people I have touched in this world will remember me fondly and smile. If I chose the other path, then I would be lost to the world at the end of my life. No one would recall me with fondness.


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