This Weeks Movie Ratings

The Last Stand (2013) (1/5)

The Rover (2014) (4/5)

The Missing (2003) (4/5)

Silent Retreat (2013) (3/5)

Wanted (2008) (5/5)

You're Next (2011) (2/5)

Swelter (2014) (4/5)

The Longest Yard (1974) (5/5)

The Longest Yard (2005) (2/5)

The Awakening (2011) (4/5)


  1. I agree with WANTED but I am surprised about "Youre Next" I really liked that movie

    1. Honestly I would have given it 5 if the screaming would have stopped for a while now and then. That is what did it in for me.


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