Lizards Run The World - Wake Up People!

Lizards run the free world and keep the rest of the world in poverty and war to distract us from their plot to slowly change us into slaves to their will. The effect of social media, TV, Movies and the music industry are clearly doing the job right. The ones who are not docile and willing to please will eventually all end up fighting among each other and killing themselves off. The GMO food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breath are infected with the DNA altering chemicals that are changing humanity. The collective IQ is lowering and the desire for education and social justice is almost eliminated. Soon we will be no more than slaves and rabid dogs. Once the war like kill each other off and the poisoning of the 3rd world is complete, there will be only around 80 million people left. They will spend their entire lives working for the comfort of the lizards. It's almost too late, but we still have a chance. Rise up people and be free of the oppressing hands of these creatures from the depths of the earth. Drive them back to the underground hells they came out of. Be free and be strong!
Has anyone seen my meds?


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