Clipped the hair off the other day. This is my lounging in bed for a while after doing some cleaning.
I see things like this and I wonder what it is and why it's there. This is old hard rubber and some kind of fabric inside if. Not a clue what it used to be.
Coffee is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I sip at it most of the day but tend to stop at around 3PM. My Mother used to drink 24 cups of coffee a day every day and never once had a problem sleeping. I can skip coffee for 3 days and still not sleep well.
Music is another great pleasure in my life. I pay for YouTube music as my service and am glad I can. I tend to listen to around 30 hours of music a week. It's worth the $12 for it and YouTube Premium to me so I don't have any ads on the music or the videos I watch. I also kind of like a couple of the YouTube originals, but really not many of them.


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