So the only option for whisky from their app is literally more than I pay after delivery for what I normally get. BTW the prices here are before taxes and delivery. My normal option is $31.04 after delivery and taxes. Their lest expensive option is $42.53 after tax and delivery. $11.49 difference - have a cab take me and wait is $12 return. That's $43.04 to go in a cab and get it. I'm just not paying them almost $12 more to use an app to get something I don't actually like in the first place.

The thing is, it's pay more for something I know I'm not going to like as much or rely on someone who is not open most of the time or their debit is not working that day. If you are going to have a Facebook page saying "this is our hours" and you close 4 hours sooner or start several hours later, what's the point? I have literally know idea when I'm supposed to call you. Sure I get what I want, but only when your machine decides to work and you are actually on the job.

Either way, it's about no point at all in using either of these services for me. From now on I'm going to go get it myself when I need to go for an appointment. The extra money on a cab is worth it, or if I get a ride from a friend it's 10 more minutes I'm keeping them. I'll just stock up then and put it all away for when I want to get into some.

I'm just not going to pay for spotty service or pay more for something I know I won't enjoy as much as my normal brand.

I kind of wish Real Canadian Superstore would have booze for delivery on their web page or app - I'd add some onto my order for pickup for example once a month. I can't go in and walk around and stand in line there for the time it would take me to go get it, I'm disabled and just can't do that. It's why I get pickup in the first place.

We need a reliable delivery service with the ability to pick anything available in the city and not just the very limited list on an app.


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