Crescent Park is in the center of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It's directly east of the Spa. I like to go there often and just be in peaceful environment. There are a lot of people moving around in the park on an average afternoon, but it's not crowded to the point you will be near others. I like to just sit on a bench and watch the people go by, the squirrel play and the birds forage. I live about 1 block from the park and it's not a hard walk for me even though I'm disabled and walking a lot bothers my knees and back. I however don't go every day, because it has to be a good day to walk that much. I do enjoy wondering around in there a bit when I go. At night I don't think I would like to hang out there. There seems to be a lot of not so above board people milling around in there after around 10PM. I would enjoy to be there in the middle of the night, but just not that safe. Then again neither is sitting outside my building at that time of night. Too much drugs filing crime in the aria. But in the light of the day it's very enjoyable to be there.


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