So a pervert is someone who has desires out of the norm. That is fitting for me. I find humiliation, spanking, bondage and the like to be sexual in nature. It started at an early age. I may have been 12 when I found out I enjoyed the sensation of being spanked. I literally acted up so that I would be spanked by my parents. Yes I realize how dysfunctional that is. It did not last long as the one time I got aroused in a rather visible manner and my Dad was creeped out so bad he never spanked me again. to this day I feel bad for him. But anyways. The point is, I found it sexually stimulating to be spanked. The idea of discipline changed in my mind and all the sudden it was enjoyable. It was in the late teens that I realized the same thing happened when someone denigrated me. I spent a good many years going from scene to scene where I was tied up and spanked and humiliated. There was a couple of relationships where it was the norm as well. The one woman I was with at the time would get a couple of friends into the mix. I would be naked facing them and they would say things about my body shape and my man parts. The GF would be spanking me with a belt the entire time. It would end well however as she would "release my tensions". On a more personal level, I've had a number of photos taken of me naked and even in bondage. I posted these publicly. To be honest I literally can't remember where most of them are posted LOL. Lets just say there are a bunch of photos of naked me out there some place. I do have a link over in my link section to my BDSMLR page where I post adult content if you are interested. To put it mildly I gave up sex because it was starting to be more important than anything else to me. I am hypersexual and because of that I used sex like a drug and was addicted to it. So no I just do things myself if you know what I mean. I still have almost content urges, but I don't look for others to help with that. I am also Pansexual so I have almost unlimited options to choose from, but prefer to never do that again. They tell you that as you get older the urges lower. I can't say this is true, in fact I think they are getting stronger. I've even looked up castration as an option or medication. Both have side effects that are rather terrible and can be life threatening and very debilitating. So I live with it. People think "well how bad can it be". I'm here to tell you it is a living hell to say the least. And the idea that I find stimulation in a wide range of things others would be turned off by is not helping. But life goes on and I am dealing with it a lot better than a lot of others in the same boat.


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