2 Day Delivery My Butt

This is just not service. We are used to getting things fast. Don't stamp "2 days delivery" on it if it's going to take over a week. I ordered a keyboard to replace the crappy one I'm typing on right now. I have Prime of course, so ya know. So Wednesday comes and goes then all the sudden on Saturday it finally ships. This this is a very long ways away. I don't know if the Canada Post delivery estimate of Monday is realistic. It has to come her threw Winnipeg and Regina. Then has to be sorted here and sent out. Unless it hits Regina today (Sunday) that is not going to happen I don't think. But we will see. It's as I say a great distance and in a truck, so I seriously doubt it. I am however looking forward to using it. I need a new one, and this one lights up white and has big letters on it. It will be very nice to have.


  1. Well thats not Amazons fault, that is Post Canada which to judge from service must be close related to USPS here in the US lol

    1. Well they don't go pick it up in most cases. The company delivers it to a depot to have Canada post deliver it. I don't know what the hell the delay was, but dang it took over a week to send it out.


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