Disaster From The Drain

So this is laundry soap coming up in my kitchen sink. There is no flap valve to stop it from coming in. I have crammed the stopper in it and hope that does the job. It happened 2 weeks ago (about) as well. Yes it's laundry soap, Gain in fact. Gain being the worst for my chemical sensitivities.

For this to happen someone has to be washing in their kitchen sink above me. They also have to be using a crap pile of soap to make this much suds come out of my sink. Typically this will happen all the way down the line from the point it started from.

I informed management last time and this time. I would like to see them at least send out a notice to each apartment saying "please do no wash clothing in the sink, this causes soap suds to come up in other people drains. Some people are allergic to the soap and are caused problems by it." But who knows if they will do anything.

Last time the guy came and ran a snake down the drain, it obviously did literally nothing to stop this. It's causing me issues with breathing, skin and eye irritation and a violent headache. I can't afford to live any other place, and I need an elevator - I am not able to climb stairs due to being disabled. I'd also like to stay here for the rest of the time I am physically able too. I like it here a lot.

I just hope they at least send out a notice and the offending person gets what is happening and stops doing this nonsense. There is no reason for this to be happening. If you can't wash it in the machine, why bother having it? Also why are you using so dang much soap? Sigh. Well here's hoping they do at least something.

To note, this is the next morning and I'm still itchy and my eyes bothered by being near it. My living room seems to be infested by it as well (the scent). I did not seem bothered in the bedroom for some reason, but I'm just not staying in there for 3 days until this clears up. I also can't open a window it's very cold outside.


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