No Name Original Pasta Sauce

Well I had rather low expectations when I get this. I was however surprised that it was actually quite tasty. Sure I've had better, but they set me back $6 or $8 for a jar of sauce. Yes you do get a hint of metallic taste when you use a can with sauce (it's acidic), but it was still quite good. I paid $1.08 for this and it was well worth it. It's enough sauce to feed a family of 4 easily for an evening meal of pasta. I also ordered their pasta but it was out and they substituted something else. I ended up eating it for 2 days 2 meals a day however as I'm single. But it was good heated up as well (not as good as fresh, but good). I'm doing this well after I tossed the can, so I'm not certain, but I do NOT think it's vegan. For price VS quality I'm going to give it a 7 / 10.



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