5 Personal Tech Updates in One

Got the backups on my portable drive done. Everything sorted and in it's place. The only thing left to toss on there will be the puzzle backups. I zip them and if something happens, I will only loose a few of the ones I played this way, and can just toss them on again later.
It's just so much more enjoyable to not have clothing on if you ask me. Listening to music while making jigsaw puzzles is a joy. I've got a lot of unplayed puzzles right now and still want to make some more of them.
I ripped some movies off of DVD's I own and I am going to watch them. They are all B-Rate monster movies and some of them don't play well in modern times as they are to say the least kind of racist - but they are from the 1930's so I can't expect much. My Blu-ray player Needs a cleaning and I'm out of fluid to put on the cleaning disk. It skips and stalls - It's not very old, so I am sure it's just dirty - it's seriously dusty in here. I am also not going to watch them on the PC - I can't sit here in this chair that long.
I played with Bings AI and tried to get it to make a funny picture, but nope, someone might be upset, so I can't have it. I also can't have "devil children" evidently. A friend was not able to get "killer cat". There seems to be a hell of a lot more limitations on this AI that on Deep Dream Generator.
What can I say. It keeps telling me that the real-time scanning is turned off and that the Auto sample submission is off. They are NEVER off and this is some kind of bug that is annoying the hell out of me. I like this extra layer of security (Microsoft Defender - comes with office subscription) but it does have this bug and it makes me wonder what else is not quite working. I have it on the phone and tablet as well, and it does the same thing at random on all devices. The annoying this is, you get the notification on all 3 devices and it freaking emails it to your Outlook account.



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