Update on Me

Despite a lot of health issues, I seem to be in a great mood the last few weeks. Not very motivated, but in a great mood.

I need to cook the bean mix today for tomorrow and Sunday. Today I am just going to eat a can of tomatoes as my tummy is really upset for no valid reason. But my tummy gets upset all the time and there seems to be nothing causing it. I was told by a couple of people it might be related to my Fibromyalgia.

My feet are swollen badly with water retention. I eat hotdogs a week and a half ago and they have been this way since. The pills don't seem to be doing the job. But it's not nearly as bad as Dad used to get it. He would not even be able to walk a couple of times. Thankfully for him, the pills did work well and he almost never suffered with water retention.

The blood clot is not all that painful anymore, so either I'm used to it, or it is resolving it's self. I was told it can take 3 months for the body to deal with it. I'll be on blood thinners for the rest of my life (Xeralto). I was told I can have a few drinks now and then with it, so I am happy with that. Warfarin on the other hand, you can drop dead if you drink with it, as it multiplies the effect of the thinning - as well you need blood tests when on that on, and with mine, no blood tests needed evidently. After 4 months I'll be on a different dose of the Xeralto BTW.

The knee pain is going to last for the rest of my life (oh joy), so I have to get used to it. Today I am on my cane, as it is bad. Some days there is very little pain, but today I needed to pop some pills and use the cane to get around the apartment.

I honestly would LOVE to have some whiskey today, as the taste of it I had with the dregs of a bottle that sat by my chair for 2 months, mad me crave more. I also would love a salad. I really should have picked up some stuff at the store yesterday when I was out with a friend, but I did not, so oh well. Frozen will do just fine for veggies I am thinking.

I'm going to watch a movie I can't seem to remember most of. There is 1 scene in it that is fresh in my memory, but the rest of it is gone from my brain it seems. Coffee and Cigarettes is the name of it. I may or may not do a review on my YouTube channel. I'm not sure. I get very few views on the reviews it seems. But like my Tag Videos, I like to do them.

Well off to cook the beans.


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