Bing's AI VS Deep Dream Generator

Kind of freaked out on the babies lips however. DDG seems to make errors at times. Also no stroller.
Seriously, anyone offended by this has to be rather easy to upset. The kind that stops drinking a beer over a single vanity can.
Honest to the Goddess, I should have told it a 400lb man in a speedo, just because.

Bing tends to be a heck of a lot more realistic looking, but stamps a Bing logo in the corner of every image. It also only does 1024x1024 images, no other size or aspect ratio. DDG gives you a choice of sizes and shape of the image. However I'm not sure is DDG still gives you a free account able to make images, I got mine free and am allowed making images but it's limited size and I get very few points, so the number of images is limited a lot. If you pay you can go up to 5mp images and at the top end you can crank out a lot of high quality larger images in a day. Bing does not have any of these options, but it is totally free to use and you can get unlimited images out of it in a day. Bing will also write a speech or a poem for you. It also will look stuff up for you and tell you about it if you like. If I could get the standard shape image and different sizes out of Bing I'd be very happy with it, also the ability to pay say $2 a month to not have the Bing logo on the image would be rather nice to have.


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