Humanity is Regressing

I find it amazing that 20% of people in Canada are not vaccinated for covid-19. I also find it astonishing they don't want their children to be vaccinated for literally anything. This is a reprehensible trait and indicates a big problem in out society. Honestly there has always been people who are on the fridge of reality and not wanting to conform with government programs meant to help them, but in the age of information or in this case false information, there are more of them than ever before.

The same people did not want to wear a mask, stating they could not breath in them, and it was dangerous. Well if a surgical team can wear them for 8 hours in an operating room, then you can put it on for 20 minutes to go in the store. The entire thing is people being so extremely selfish they are willing to risk the health of others.

Then there is the idea of choice. They think they had no choice when in reality they exercised the choice they where given, and did not like the consequences for their actions. Everything we chose to do has actions on us for doing it, be it good or bad actions. If we put our hand in the fire, we get hurt - blaming the government for a stupid choice is ridiculous to say the least.

The best part is, how vocal these people are. They spend every waking moment looking for an opportunity to spout off how WHO and the government are trying to mess with them somehow - taking away freedoms, and putting trackers into them. The concept that they have a smart phone in their pocket every place they go does not seem to come to mind for them - after all, Google and iPhone track every move you make and record it on a timeline. The government does not need to implant one, you have a tracking device with you.

I swear to God, humanity is regressing and not advancing in general. Our technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, but as for us getting smarter, it does not seem to be happening. The average IQ is lowering in the last decade, and continues to do so. This is not a good trend for humanity at all. But here we are, in an age where so much learning can be done in the home, and people instead are gathered around social media spreading B.S.


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