What I Got From an AI Art Generator and What I Asked For

A man covered in blood driving a 1957 Chevy.
 An old Cadillac convertible with the top down being driven by a man in a spacesuit.

When Deep Dream Generator works it's amazing fun, but now and then it just does not listen to you very well. When I signed up it allowed free accounts and I'm told it demands you pay for points now. I'm still getting it for free as is a friend, but things change I guess. I don't like it enough to give them $19US a month to play with it. I also have no desire to sell this stuff at any point. I'm making jigsaw puzzles out of them in an app on my PC, that's all I'm using it for. When I get enough of them to last me a long time, I'll probably abandon the web page. There is ethics involved as well, every last AI out there has been trained with art that was used without permission of the artist, this includes some of my stuff from DeviantArt I found out.


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