Yet Another OneDrive Bug

This happens if you are uploading just one file, or a batch of files. It will stall on the first (or only) file and never finish uploading. You have to kill the individual upload, let the others upload then re-upload the first file. It used to be a rare occurrence, but it seems to happen kind of often in the Android app these day, as in almost always.

I've also had uploads in a batch fail and keep failing until I kill the upload of that file - then if I upload just that file, it works fine.

The price is right and I get the Office apps on my PC to use offline, so I don't really want to switch services. If I was too switch I'd switch to Google One I think.

Also  I'd like to be able to have 2TB of storage for $2 or $3 more, but they want a small fortune for the second TB of storage on OneDrive. Google One has 2TB of storage and a bunch of other stuff I'd never use. Both are relatively slow on the uploads and downloads. I have extremely fast internet and it still takes forever to send files to OneDrive or GDrive.


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