Bot's & Questions

My X account is new although it's the same user name I had before. I keep getting tones of follows. Most of them made the profile in May of 2023 - in fact almost all of them LOL. But X got rid of the bots says it's leader LOL. I've got 90 followers at this moment and I'm kind of sure 8 of them are actual people. A friend one day told us all these beautiful women keep following him on tic tok and he's never posted a video. We told him they are bots, and he claims they are actual people. Oh well, as long as he does not DM them, hell be safe. There was one time where the bots where posting stuff to temp you and tagging random users in the post, but I've seen that happen in ages.

Then there is the person on Quora that insists on asking me the same stupid question in 1000 slightly different variations LOL. And the barefoot guy requesting me to answer every barefoot question he sees LOL. I love answering questions if I can. Most of them I am requested on, I pass, as I have no idea what they are actually saying, or the question can't be actually answered, or I just don't have an answer. When someone asks why people don't like them, how can I answer? I don't know them at all, and from one line of text, I can't get to know them enough to know.

Speaking of questions, next Monday I start doing a Q&A a day all month long. I've got at least 1 person doing it on YouTube and a few that will be doing them on their blogs. I would like it to spread farther, the same as the new prompts I came up with for the 2 VEDA months. I just could not come up with anything for Vlogmas prompts so I used the old ones. In any event, I have leftover questions from the bank of questions I got the January ones from. I'll be keeping them for other times when I just want to do a tag video. BTW if you search tag questions, you will probably not be happy with the results.



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