A Bug on Deep Dream Generator

I like Deep Dream Generator, and as long as I can use it free, I will continue to play with it. However I went through my saved images the other day to get rid of some to make room for new ones. Well, I found that before the change to the new way they handle the files, it messed things up. There where a bunch of them showing as "No image". Also there seemed to be more on each page than was being shown, so some of the files where hidden from view. When I deleted a bunch and refreshed, it came up with new images at the bottom of the page and they where not from a page with a higher number than I was working on. So there is a lot of issues with the storage they give you it seems.

When I cleaned out the many files I did not want to save on their servers, I ended up with a great deal less images saved. I should note that I went from the last page to the first page in sorting my files. The first 3 pages where saved after they changed how they manage the files. There was no more on those pages then where shown. Below is a screen shot of the "No image" place holders showing up. When you click them, and then hit delete, it did not stay on the page you where viewing, and landed you on the front page of the site. That was an inconvenience, and I was making a book mark for each page at the start on my book mark bar, so I could go back to where I left of easily.

In all, I really like playing with it and have made thousands of images since I started. I tend to be making a heck of a lot of jigsaw puzzles out of them with Jigsaws Galore. I have way more puzzles than I can finish I'm sure, because for each folder I finish on the game, I make 2 LOL. Here is the screen shot. BTW the free version has limited image size and only use of half of the AI engines.


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