Tiss the Season for Scammers

It is indeed the season for scammers to come out of the woodwork. I've been getting 4 or 5 texts a day for the last 3 days. I also would like to know what it's almost always a (dot)info domain. Is it like less money? I've never wanted one - I have a (dot)ca of course being I'm in Canada and wanted it to represent that.

I also got a phone call yesterday saying they where my cousin Mark and they where in the Sudan and needed money fast for medical expenses. Well I do actually have a cousin Mark, but he and the entire rest of my living relatives, have not talked to me in 11 years - so I'm rather thinking it's not him. Also my cousin does not have an African accent. The other thing is, he would know I literally don't have the money to send him in the first place, and his father still being alive might be a way better choice - not to mention his sister who makes rather good money at her job.

Then there is the hundred or so Canada post texts I have received about a package not being able to be delivered - well if you have my phone number, you also have my address, so go take a hike scammer. Not to mention at no time in my life has Canada post been sending texts from a number in England.

I liked the one in the summer saying they where from the IRS and I was going to be arrested by the FBI if I did not comply with them. Being I live in Canada and have had no business with any company at all in the USA, I rather don't think this is true. Not to mention I'm not going to be sent down there by the Canadian authorities any times soon for tax evasion.

Then there was the time I won $2500 8 times in the same day and every time it was the same link - (dot)info domain then as well - but from a different number.

Yesterday I got one saying "I miss you, do you want to come to where I am" - I don't know how this is scamming money out of me, but I am sure it's trying too. The number was out of Michigan BTW. I don't think I'll be traveling to anyone down there any time soon.

The best ever was a few years ago when it said I had inherited 1.5 trillion dollars. You read that right. The moron sending out the email put way too many zeros in the number.

But yes, as soon as December rolls around the amount of scam texts and emails jumps dramatically it seems. The sad thing is, if it did not work so bloody often, they would not be doing this. But there is always someone who is desperate, greedy and just stupid that will click the ling and give them banking information.


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