Making Coffee

Get your inexpensive but nice espresso style coffee from the store or in this case Amazon. ($4.49/bag)
Stuff 3 coffee scoops in the Moka pot after putting water in the bottom.
Put the top on the Moka pot and place it on the stove on high heat. It will make a sound on an electric stove and when done the sound will start to be quiet. I'm told on a gas stove it makes that sound just before it's done brewing.
Make sure you have more than enough of it for the rest of the month. One bag generally lasts me one week. I like to have a couple extra just in case I have a delay in shipping the next month. I also don't get it with my grocery order, because it's less money on Amazon. You will want to check if this is true for you. Other coffee has been less in my store.


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