Fixed My Puzzle List

Wowsers - just did a count in Excel of all my puzzles in the puzzle list I have been keeping and I was WAY off in the numbers. I was literally over 1000 out on how many I had completed - I don't know where I went wrong in the process, but I sure did. I also was 3 folders out in the counting of SFW puzzles. So now I am showing more than 5000 that I have not done and I need to generate 3 more folders to get the magic number of a total of 303 folders - just because LOL. Also made sure the list on here matched my list on the PC (text file). I seem to have not updated a couple that I had finished on here and had them still listed in the playing list. Anyways - 98% of the work was getting rid of the names of the folders and leaving just the number of puzzles in that folder. Excel made fast work of adding up the totals. Still don't know why I have an archive of all the SFW puzzles - Not like anyone wants 12,610 puzzles LOL. I've listed several zip files in previous blog posts to download - all AI art I generated or my baby photos. People seem to have wanted the cook book more than any of the puzzles though - it has noticeably more downloads.


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