Comparing AI Image Generators That Are Free

Comparing different AI image generators that can be used for free. DDG is Deep Dream Generator BTW.

Prompt: "A young handsome looking boy with blond hair holding a brown puppy in a well appointed living room"

All the DDG ones seem to be almost exactly the same. I'd say that Bing did the best job of it and that Leonardo was the worst of them. There are of course more generators out there, but most of them are not free to use, other than the first couple of images. Bing is also kind of unlimited use, and the others will only give you so many images a day. With Bing is you make more than about 30 tries at generating things, it tells you no more, but if you close the browser and reopen it and go to Bing again, it will give you about 30 more tries, thus being unlimited with a bit of a bother. Playground used to give you 1000 a day, but now only 500. Leonardo gives the least with less than 10. DDG will give you 17 images twice a day, you just have to wait about 8 hours or so to do the second batch. I've not included the AI on DeviantArt, as I don't have anymore free use of it and I'm just not paying them money - but it was only OK, not great at all. Of all the ones I used I found it to be the least quality, but it will do things that the others will scold you for trying to do. There are several out there that will do nudity and/or sexuality, but they are pay only for the most part. I am just not linking to them BTW, you can go look for them if you desire. All of the AI have bugs. I've seen extra limbs or eyes, really messed up faces. It seems if you have a group of people, it has a higher chance of making the faces look horror show. As well, they don't always give you even close to what you ask for, as they don't really understand complicated prompts. For the complex prompts, DDG is the best at it. DDG is also in my mind the best value if you wish to pay for it. The only advantage of paying for Bing, is it's faster generating the images, the quality is not better and you don't get more images. BTW if you pay for DDG you get twice as many generators as you do with the free one and much better and bigger images are possible. There is no real difference in generators in my test, but with complex prompts there are definite differences in the different generators on DDG.


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