Human Suffering Can Be Ended

Most of human suffering can be ended by improving our minds and changing our thinking. If we decide on a personal level to improve our lives we can do so. If we decide to be happy we can be. Then stress is reduced as a bi-product. If as a collective group we decide to make the changes in thinking and action then the entire world will improve. People we do not even know are effected in a positive manner if we change how we act and how we see the world and all those in it. We are one and all actions effect all people in some way. If another sees you happy they may become happy as well. When you are happy, it is easy to improve your habits and make your body follow the mind in being in a better state.

It is so hard to get rid of the worries and the self imposed pain of this world, but it is worth it to try and do so. We may never do it, but the act of trying will in it's self enrich our lives. All we need to do is to let go of desire in all forms and be happy with life. If we can be satisfied with the good things that we have and not let the negative energy of others in, then we will grow.

It is a chain reaction. Our energy we put out effects those around us and so on and so on. Society has allowed the negative to be in the for front of our lives for so long that we are poisoned. We can change things. We have this ability. No one is oppressing us but ourselves.

And yes, I know how hard it is to let go of the worlds hold on us and take control. Desire is strong and the world tells us to consume. Be strong...


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