My New Bags

 My man bag - Yes there is no shoulder strap - but it works fine.
 In the little pocket up front I have 2 USB thumb drives. 
 Here is my charging brick and 2 charging cables for it.
 And we have the first aid kit in the big pocket.
 This is my backpack I got - there is a pocket at the very back of it - would be next to your back like.
 Two pockets here - one on each side. Small ones.
Front view - 2 pockets. 
Front pocket - Got a spot for a couple of pens and 2 other spots as well as the mesh pocket. 
This is the main pocket - it's got the spot for a laptop that is padded and a spot in front of that for extras.

Paid like $45 for it. Not bad. Forget the site already though. The exact same one on Amazon was $60. I was amazed at how fast it got here as well. Being it's a Chinese company, I was expecting a month or more. It was here in 5 days. Ordered on Monday and arrived on Friday. Won't use it often, but it's good if I stay over night at a friends place or am going to be out literally all day, as I can then bring my tablet and use the phone as a hot spot to watch TV or a movie.


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