Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 and Extras

 16.1MP, 60X Zoom (optical), 1080P video at 30FPS.
Not a fan of that lens cap - it comes off a bit too easy. 
 60X Optical zoom. 
 You can use the screen to line up a shot or the view finder - there is a button to turn on the view finer. There is a diopter. 
Easy to use controls and a nice grip. There is a dedicated record video button. You can take a still while recording. 
 When I ordered it, I got the bag and kit with it. It did arrive separately though, several days apart.
 (Don't mind the fail to focus on the part of my cell phone here)... Kit came with a leans cleaning cloth, extra battery and a card reader that plugs into a USB 3 port. Not used it, can't tell you the transfer speed.
 2 Extra cards I get separate - these are left over from my old camera. They are class 10 16 GB cards. The one in the camera is 64 GB class 10 1000X card. This this lets the camera cycle fast and keeps up with video very well. The big blessing is removing photos and video on the PC in my card slot. It goes a hell of a fast transfer rate. The photos always have that lag time between them, but when the videos come off - wow is it fast :) Woot...
Kit came with 2 chargers - the far one is a travel charger that will plug into the wall or the 12V port in your car. The near one is a faster wall charger for at home. I keep them both in the kit. The battery lasts for hours. I was not able to get threw both batteries in one day and we took literally 1000 photos and shot several video clips testing this thing out. The image quality is stunning in all kinds of light conditions. Low light is not as good in auto mode, but when you set it to manual and set it up right - the low light is great. I got a tripod with it as well - a nice one, not the junk I hand for the last one LOL. It has a level on it and so on. Will hold 20X the weight of this camera - so it's all good. I did not take photos of the tripod today though. You seen one, you seen them all. All in all I am very happy with the camera and kit. The camera is the best I have personally owned, but not the best I have ever used. That was a rebel... But we won't go there. You can get many extras for it like filters, flash, video lamp and a mic. I got this for $180 on sale, I think the kit added in an extra $65 and was well worth it. Average price seems to be $250 but I have seen as high as $390 - that is just stupid when you can get it easy enough for $250. I got it on sale and had a coupon code and a discount card. So I cashed in big time. All in all I recommend both products (camera and kit).


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