One Quiet Day... NOPE!

One single day of peace and quiet to do my own thing and not be bothered. This is for some fucking reason way to the fuck much to ask for. DANG. First I get a call that wakes me up to "confirm your eye appointment tomorrow". Tell me, is there a way to make you fucktards NEVER call me the day before? Seriously fuck off. I really hate this shit and every last fucking office you have an appointment with does this shit. FUCK. I have it in my appointment book on the phone - it will reminds me. GOD... Next we have s group of texts from half the people I have ever met for some fucking reason. OMG. When all I want out of the world is for someone to talk to - NOTHING... No one will call or text all day. When I want to be NOT BOTHERED people will fucking call and text all fucking day.

I know you are being nice and just want to include me and all, but this is gone from a day of rest to a day of stress because this fucking phone won't fuck off.

The exact moment I turn the fucker off, on goes the shower next door. Sigh... Loud ass pipes in here after all. Now as per ALWAYS there is some cunt outside yelling for literally no real reason. OMG just kill me, at least then I can have some quiet time.

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck - 20 years of my fucking life with not one single 24 hour span of quiet, alone time. DANG!


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