Internet Speed Tests Around Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Tests around the City of Moose Jaw on my phone. It's a LG G4 with 4G LTE available in the city. Tested on Sasktel network and on WiFi at home and out for coffee. LTE speeds in Moose Jaw are kind of disappointing to day the least in some locations. You would thing down town in the centre of the city, it would be much better than it is. The North Service Road is a buys place with people passing threw on the highway stopping for gas and food, as well as truckers spending the night in the truck stops.

 Sasktel 4G LTE (Moose Jaw) 500 feet from the down town tower.
 Sasktel 4G LTE (Moose Jaw) North Service Road - where a lot of truckers end up every night.
 Sasktel 4G LTE (Moose Jaw) North West side of the city.
 Shaw (At My Apartment) Wired (Moose Jaw).
 Shaw WiFi at Humpty's Restaurant (Moose Jaw).
Shaw (At My Apartment) WiFi (Moose Jaw).


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