Rosie's on River Street - Review

So... We went to Rosie's on River Street. It's really kind of small in there with not much seating. For us people of size, it's a bit hard to get around in there. The normal bathroom is way too small for someone my size, so that only leaves the option of the disabled one. BTW the bathrooms are NOT gender specific.

We had the sample platter for 4 and it was great tasting. A person know to my friends said the burgers are great as well. The coffee was just OK but that's fine as most will be having a beer or a cocktail there. Minors are allowed before 8PM as per regulations in Saskatchewan. They are open till 11 PM but I recommend going in the afternoon when it's not busy. Being that you have to park far from the actual spot, it might be a bummer to get there and it's full. There is outside seating as well.

The serving person was very nice and good at her job. It was an enjoyable experience to say the least with one exception. The music was way too loud in there. I have a very hard time understanding what people are saying if there is a lot of background noise. Being that most people are not like this, I am sure they would not have a problem with the music.

It is close to a lot of attractions in down town Moose Jaw, like the tunnels. There are several other quality restaurants a few minutes walk from this spot as well, so you won't be left hanging. There are great deserts to be had or you can cross the street for the Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory.

It is also within walking distance for fit people from the Spa. For persons like myself, not really in walking distance from there. There is also a lower end motel at the end of Main Street that is literally 1 block away.

All in all I rate the experience a 7.5 out of 10.

P.S. The booze selection is limited and there is no real top end stuff to be had there. This is an average persons kind of place, not for those who enjoy "the finer things in life". Enjoy.


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