So Much Trouble Over 4 Bucks

So just filed a claim for this mask I ordered. Yes an entire $4 item. But that is not the point. The point is, I ordered it and it never came. It is 17 days past the dew date and nothing. I emailed the supplier and they after a bit assured me they will re-send it. Well after that there was no communication and the item is still not showing as being re-sent. This was 14 days ago. It don't take 14 days to put something in the mail. It just does not. It sure as hell does not take 14 days to update the status of the order. So I want my $4 if they can't get it re-sent. I was offered an "instant gift card" for $4. Well what the heck am I going to do with that. You might remember the fuss I had with the other two masks. That was resolved and I got them. The gold one was rather damaged but I let it slide and just decided to keep it anyway. The black one was in perfect shape as they actually packed it right. The gold one was literally just in a bag. Did they think it would be safe? Sigh. Don't look like I am getting this mask I think. Oh well...


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