Having a Good Time Thanks to Gummies

Well here I am sitting in my big comfy chair high as can be on THC gummies. LOL. So I got 8 10mg gummies given to me and I munched down 4 of them (40mg). Well, that was about enough for a very good evening. I tell you I had almost no pain at all and the music seemed to be a hell of a lot more enjoyable... and well... everything was funny for a while there.

You have to realize edibles here are limited to 10mg each, even if that's not so strong. These things are expensive, but the person who gave them to me, did not at all like the feeling, so in my mouth they went.

It was a good break from the worries of the world for about 4 or 5 hours, and I had a great sleep last night for a change.

Yea, I'm nude in this photo. If you want to see my nudist blog, it is HERE. There is naked photos of me on there, so be warned.


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