When Being Publicly Humiliated is Funny (Kink Mentioned)

It's true you know. I used to be full on into kink at one time in my life. I liked to be tied up and abused. Now with the level of disability I have it's very much a bother to do any play time. That and I have drifted away for so long, I no longer know anyone in the kink scene other than a friend of a friend.

There is one kink I rather enjoy that does not involve being tied up or spanked. It involves being told rather harshly how small a part of my body is. Now, first you have to realize, It's not actually small, but that's not the point.

A friend, his girlfriend and I where out for a meal one time and my friend knew I was into think kink and decided to give me a bit of it in public. Well no one noticed I'm sure as no one looked. But most men would have been ready to fight. LOL. I knew what he was doing however and it was kind of fun for me.

Cut to his GF and her not at all knowing about my kink. I point at her and say "look at her face". She is in shock - truly mortified at what he's saying. We both chuckled and we got in the car and they dropped me off at home. I rather hope he explained it to her.

To be honest, it's the only kind other than the furry thing, I engage in these days and 99% of the time it's online in chat. But the look on her face will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life and every time I think of it, I'm going to smile and evil smile LOL.


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