Loads of Jalapeno Popper Flavour Chips About Killed Me

Well what can I say about these. They tasted great, but my broken body did NOT like them as much as my mouth did. I have literally never hit the toilet so dang much in my entire life. I thought I was going to have to go to the ER for a while there. Burning fire hell super poops are not fun at all. I'm rather sure it's not the chips in general as a million other people eat them with no issues, it's just me. My body can't tolerate some chemicals and I guess one of those chemicals is in these chips. None of the other chips in this brand make me sick at all, just this exact one. I did not look before I tossed them out, but there is an acidic chemical they use in the industry to make things hot and spicy. To be honest it did not quite taste right and the heat did seem to be chemical in nature. But I did not realize it was going to about kill me. Honestly, I'd give these a 6/10 for taste. The could be a bit more cheese tasting, but they where yummy enough for $2 a bag.


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