Replacing my Zulay Coffee Pot (Moka Pot)

OK, never ever, use a scrubby on the inside of your Moka pot reservoir. This is what happens if you do.
15 month old pot on the left, new on on the right. It won't stay shinny for long. Also expect a smell the first couple of times you use it. It's a Zulay BTW. $21 on Amazon here in Canada. They make extremely good coffee. Always use espresso beans and fine grind. Grind your own is best, but out of the bag Lavazza is awesome and in Canada it's about $4.50 a bag on Amazon.
Inspect inside everything before using. As you notice, there is a bit of cardboard in in the bottom part. BTW, never fill the bottom part past the valve on the side. Just under that is fine.
Coffee to about 70% full and tamped down, but not to compressed. If you get a stirring tool for the grounds, it makes a bit nicer coffee. It's a handles with some wire sticking out of it, to fluff up the coffee. I don't have one BTW, I just know other people that have and it makes nicer coffee for them.
And a little less shinny now. Give it 3 months and it will look like the old one on the outside. I'll not be stupid enough to scrub the bottom inside again.
And a nice strong delicious cup of coffee.


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