Laundry Day Always Goes Wrong

Two days ago I did the laundry at 6am. This did NOT make me immune to someone coming in and using Gain laundry soap and driving me out of the room. I like to be with my laundry as in another building I had issues with people taking stuff on me. But I have a lot of chemical sensitivities and Gain is about the worst of them. It used to be Tide, but they seem to have made it way less harsh. Most people use Gain for no valid reason. It's hard on your skin, and expensive as heck. I use a good for the environment soap that is made for Real Canadian Superstore, called "No Name Free and Clear". It's at the time of this post about $4.95 for 2030ml (2.03L). That is a great deal of soap and you don't need any more than the regular brands. It is not harsh on you or the planet. Below is where I was sitting waiting for my washing to dry after I got chased out with Gain. There was later on a coffee and toast gathering for $2.50 in the room, by the building association. It's a good price for what you get really, and you get to socialize.



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