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Top 10 Rock Band In My Mind

Top 10 Rock Band In My Mind on

10 Velvet Underground
9 Beatles
8 Guess Who
6 Devo
4 Rush
3 Pink Floyd
2 Iron Maiden
1 Led Zeppelin

How dare we

Is God A Reason To Hate Or Is God Love

Some photos From the other day...

Fist 2 panels of the new fire fighters mural here in Moose Jaw - They are on the 300 block of 1st Ave. N.W.

The second two panels of the fire fighter mural.

The last 2 panels of the new fire fighters mural.

A great place for fish and chips - Bobby's Place on the 0 block of High Street East, right next to the bus station.

By the way, I thought Nesman was spelled Nessman... My bad...

Big Can Of Lard

Big can of lard on

Smile - someone loves you, if only as a food product :)

Some photo from a while back

Photos By David Sheldon Nicholson (Taken in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada - Sep 12, 2009)

5 Highlights of 2009

5 Highlights of 2009 on

A bunch of us going to the play River Street Review, it was great fun and we had dinner first – I had the best stake ever; it was a New York Cut rare and fine.

Took lots of great photos – almost 2000 of them in fact. Got a lot of fun out of them making puzzles for a news group I post in.

Becoming a moderator on Annex CafĂ©. It is a great place and I love the news groups over there – great people on it.

Sold a bunch of shirts and art over on red bubble. The money goes to charity, as you can’t seem to get paid from them if you live in Canada or the UK.

Finding a movie I have been looking for for years on DVD. Equus is one of the best movies I have ever seen – the original not the half porn remake.

Making of the Pentical CD Cover

Making of the Pentical CD Cover on

LOL used An object exported from Poser 8 to Bryce 6.1 to render. No post work needed. Just some ground fog added in for effect. Seems to have worked well.

Can Gay People Be "Saved" (conversation online)


Is there such a thing as bi-sexual in you mind? The second question and most important is, is there a way for Gay people to be one with God? For example, can a gay be Christian and be saved?


No doubt there are different types of bisexual, but the variety with which I am most familiar is more "transorientation"... That is, they don't really care what the gender of the person they're attracted to is. They're just attracted to them and that's that. It may be that they're more predominately attracted to one gender over the other, or even specific types of people in either gender, but regardless, it's just a matter of whoever you happen to be attracted to.

Regarding the question of God, I've worked with numerous GLBT Christians in a GLBT affirming ministry, in which GLBT persons were welcomed completely and fully with no expectations except that they be participating members of the community. I've also sat across from bishop-ap…

Being Out in Moose Jaw

There is a lot of discrimination in Moose Jaw in regards to the gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered community. There is almost no place for a GBLT person to turn. Coming out of the closet in Moose Jaw can lead you to loose you job or at least be so miserable in it you can not function anymore. Some times they will even make an excuse to fire you when you come out in a community such as this one. As for social interaction there is little to none. Unless you go to the gay bar in Regina, there is almost nothing in regards to social activity. There is a small group that meets here once and a while, but I am always working on the occasions. With a strong “Christian” morality in this city, it is very hard to be accepted by the straight community; So we hide from the world and suppress who we are. Coming out of the closet here can lead to not only the loss of friends and family as well as the loss of a job. Public harassment of openly GBLT members of society in Moose Jaw goes on all the time.…

How To Eat Chocolate

10 things that tick you off tag

Ten things that tick me off

1 people cutting in the lineup.

2 people that just cant interact properly with others.

3 YouTube always messing things up.

4 That comment word thing on YouTube that most people hate.

5 The fact that after the last update, blogger don't work in Internet Explorer.

6 Bad coffee in a coffee shop no excuse for this.

7 The price of good food is out of this world and junk food is cheap.

8 The price of printer ink. Does it have to cost $60 to replace the cartridges?

9 That Moose Jaw doesn't have clothing in my size; I have to order it in.

10 People who don't want to give equal rights to all people; this also extends to people who want special rights for just their group.

Well that works (Please Read)

It seems that you can't comment properly or follow this blog if you are using Internet Explorer. I have no idea why, but it is owned by the same people who own YouTube and it seems to have the same problems with IE. So if you want to comment or follow, you have to use firefox or chrome to do so... Sorry for this, but I have no way to fix this at my end.