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Pain, Family and Love

It is amazing how little people are able to handle the topic of I am in a lot of pain. I recently did a vlog on how I was in a lot of pain and I got messed with once again by disability. This was on Christmas Eve when I posted it by the way. I was almost mad with pain it hurt so much. I got almost no response at all. What I did get was a PM from the owner asking me to take the video down as I used the term, "Merry Fucking Christmas" in it. He I am sure was offended being that he is deeply religious and all. He almost became a Catholic Priest once you know. I took it down, but not because he was offended – but because I was over the top and did not want to be seen that way on this particular site.

It often comes down to the fact that a lot of people cannot seem to handle being told things they can’t relate to. They become very put off at times by this as well. It is not like they don’t have any sympathy for you, it is just they have no way to understand it and they fear it hap…

Something Short.

I can very much relate to the longing for being something you are not and to want nothing more than a silent lonely death. But I overcame and am now what I thought I had lost. I found hope inside - deep inside. Now I wish nothing less than to give this gift to others.

Peace and Love - Dave.

Moms in the Hospital.

Mom's in hospital (Dec 04, 2010)

Mom Still In The Hospital (Dec 05, 2010)

Mom Update Dec 07, 2010

Moving The Snow

#200 I won the Lotto

#199 a LOL from the government...

OK So the one check I get is upped by $30 so the disability thing needs to be taken down by $30... Just read this and see if it makes sense to you... Wow kind of make me LOL. If you wanted to do it in 2 payments, why not make it half of the amount of overpayment? I can't figure this out... For the sake of $5 you could have just taken the $30 off and be done with it. This to me is strange and funny... LOL.

Mom is having a test On Wed Nov 24th 2010

GlamJ Christmas Supper 2010


Why is it?

Why is it that all people who act like a 4 year old think others are acting like a 4 year old?
Why is it all halfwits think they are smart?
Why is it the ones least able to lead always get the job to lead?
Why is it that the more someone does wrong the more they want to tall on others for doing wrong?
Why is it all people who crave power should never have it?
Why is it most people never think at all?
Why is it most people think online is as important as real life?
Why is it so many people that are complete pussies in real life act like a tough guy online?
Why is it a lot of closet gay men keep saying how heterosexual they are?
Why it is most people can't read better than a 6th grader?
Why is it people just can't drive anymore?
Why it it most people keep saying we need change then when they get it they freak out about it being different?
Why is it when there is no way to win and they have already lost, most people still think they can win?

What is art?

What is art? There is a question I can’t answer in a simple way. I got asked this once several years ago. What I answered then I think is not quite the same as now. Simply anything can be art. Violence if portrayed in a light that is not just gratuitous can be art for example. There is no one set medium for art and it can be created in vast amounts of ways.

For some only the classic forms are art, that being painting, drawing and sculpture. To that way of thinking even music or song is not art. To my way of thinking you can live your life as one great art piece. Anything there for can and is art. Even if it was not intended or created with purpose, it can still be art in the eye of those who look upon it. An example would be a pile of rubble with a sign amongst it that has the right words on it. Unintentional, but still a statement that is artistic in nature.

Not all art has a statement value some of it is just pleasing to the eye. A good example is a sunset or a field of wheat flowing …

193 Ever Had One Of These Moments?

Well got to thinking about events of the last couple of months. So when did I end up with an ex and not remember the relationship?

Seems I missed a few sign posts as I did not want that sort of thing to happen. Now it seems like it was happening but very one sided like. Dealing with this person now is like dealing with your ex-lover... Sigh... I swear I had no idea at the time, but it makes a lot of sense now.

The person in question would deny this to the bitter end I am sure. But the reality is that it looks a lot like a failed relationship of that kind right now. I should be sort of flattered, but I am kind of freaked out. Man things could have been worse if I look at the signs in retrospect.

It is a mystery at best I guess... Oh well... It could never work as by the end of the so called friendship I had come to think of this person as a little on the dangerous side. the person in question did some thing I just do not think should be done to someone else - ever - even if they want it t…

The If Then List

+ If you see a lot of people want to fight, Then you are looking at yourself.
+ If there is always some kind of conflict no matter how hard you try to avoid it, Then you are looking for it deep down inside.
+ If you need to be known, then you don't know yourself.
+ If you need to feel some kind of power in your life, Then you fear being yourself most of all.
+ If you think others see you as ugly, then you think you are ugly.
+ If you think being a man means you have to always be ready for violence, then you are nowhere close to being a man.
+ If the thought of giving your life for others is too much to ask, then you do not deserve to be free.
+ If you need to prove you are in control, then you never will be.
+ If you always have to win, Then you will always fail.
+ If you like to hurt others, then you must hate yourself.
+ If you think I am talking about you with this list, then you need help.

The Small Flame

Looking into the naked candle light I start to see things future and past.
I hear the sound of people long gone whispering quiet joys.
I know that all is as it is going to be, we are only a moment in eternity.
Somewhere water will always flow clean and life will always follow mother earth.
We are one with the flame, we are one with the drift of eternal time.
Sit and listen and watch with me.
The quiet is our door to the spirit world.

DSN Nov. 06, 2010

I hear you Lord

I was on YouTube finding some songs to post the videos to on I coped 3 links and put them in a text file. I opened blip and then re-opened the text file and there was a fourth link. I copied the url and posted it into firefox to see the video. The song was, "tears are not enough". Being that this song has been over played to say the least I would not have gone looking for it and I only looked for the 3 I posted. I have no idea where this came from. Maybe I did it by accident.

I went with Mom to the coop to shop. We first went to the cafeteria to have something to eat. At a table where 12 people all with a wooden cross around their necks. I have not seen someone with a cross on beside my one friend in many months. Now I see 12 at the same time. How many people followed Jesus in his day? 12 to be exact.

So I go to send a message to a Christian friend on MSN. I notice his status was a bible passage, this one to be exact, "Jeremiah 29:12 "Then you will call on m…

The Poor Get Crushed One More Time

Thank you to the Brad Wall Government for not seeing reality and taking money from the poor to feed the rich business interests.

Old And New Apartments

The old Place...

The New apartment...

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (GBLTQ related)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be used to analyze any part of your life and the development there of. The Hierarchy is as follows:

1 Biological and Physical needs
(Basics of life - air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, exc.)

2 Safety needs
(Protection, security, order, law, limits, stability, exc.)

3 Belongingness and Love needs
(Family, affection, relationships, work group, exc.)

4 Esteem needs
(Achievement, status, responsibility, reputation)

5 Cognitive needs
(Knowledge, meaning, self-awareness)

6 Self-actualization
(Personal growth, self-fulfillment)

7 Transcendence
(Helping others to self-actualize)

This is often represented in a triangle and in the reverse order as seen above.

Digital Art of David S Nicholson Aug 01, 2010

Making Puzzles With Jigsaws Galore

Glamj Coffee in Moose Jaw

Gay and Lesbian Association of Moose Jaw Coffee.

Reviews Oct 01, 2010

Best Fish And Chips In Moose Jaw At Bobby's

Deja Vu Cafe (

Java Express ( -

Best Chinese Food In Town (Moose Jaw)

Red Bubble
My Page:
All sales on my page go to charity...

My Walk Sep 22, 2010

Tig Sample Animation...

Birds Feeding

Why am I not surprised?

Man don't you love it when someone gets all but hurt when you don't do what they want you to do. The best thing is this is a person who is talking about free speech and all that - then poof you say something they don't like and you're an idiot to them. Grow the fuck up, get over it and live by the standards you claim to keep. Yet another person who demands respect and does not deserve it.

After all, if you can't control someone you don't want any part of them. That's it on the head man, that you all over. Best thing is he was not even man enough to say fuck you in the end - he just snuck off and vanished.

In the end all I can say is, "I am so not surprised with your actions".

People... Sigh...

See people, if you do things like put up a smile face balloon on a grave - I think your tacky at best. This is in my mind a very bad choice for a grave.

Burn the Karan and you burn your Freedoms

Thank The Fates they did not do it...

Around At Night

Sep 02 2010 - Vlog

Problems With The Building Owner

More Owner Drama - Second Hand This Time...

Random Clips

Being random...

Conservative Desperation.

Photo from the men's room wall at the Moose Jaw Co-op. Not if focus as there was little light and the flash blinded out the image completely.

Entry to the building dark at night.

At 9:30pm every night, the enter way to the building and the stairs have no lights on them. The attached video shows the entry way and the stairs in the front of the building at night.

To the left you see the power box in my apartment.

When I cam out - A time of struggle

partical Animation In Bryce 7

If you get the pro version in the video tutorials there is an Easter Egg video that shows you how to do this...

Part of a bug in my food

Rant - Field House - Watermelon Hats - Bikes

Blinding Lights

Field house with blinding lights shining on the road in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is almost impossible to see past the lights.

Free Milk

Bush Shelter?

Well if this is what your going to do with the bus shelter, why are we paying tax dollars to keep fixing it? When it is -40 and you need the buss to get to class, remember this moment...

Two Min digital Painting

Multiplex AC Lift

Post #160 How much my meds are...

Just because I never noticed that it comes to $222.22. You see I don't pay for it as I am disabled...

Cops Suck And Popcorn Fun

When Out For Coffee

Kids Day In The Park

Strange For A Grave

Mocking the Spam Bot for the LOLS

Image For the original of this - you too can mock the spam bot...
Darn - I called, and I hope they get to fixing this for me soon - it is hard to download or watch videos with this popping up... And my cable is from the same provider... So it is freaking out even more than the internet is... Sigh... If you would only see the wire that it is coming into my apartment on... Oh well... Being trained in Electronic repair and Radio communications - I can tell you this wire is not the right one for the job - but back when this building was built, it was fine as they just had simple phones then - nothing special and no internet...

Canada Day fireworks Moose Jaw July 01, 2010

Rain Storm July 01, 2010 Moose Jaw

Lightning July 01, 2010 Moose Jaw


You can see the paved path behind the guard rail... This is where they should be...


Geting Rid Of Some Documents

Dale Backing Up From Jade Garden

White Picket Fence.

White Picket Fence.
David S Nicholson AKA AxeMoose
June 24, 2010

A rum and cola in my left hand, a barbecue fork in the other hand.
Checking the steaks and looking to see if the lawn is just right.
The latest jingle for my favorite car company in my head.
Down the street oh so perfectly groomed is a man beating his son half to death.
His wife sits in front of the TV in a prescription drug induced stupor.
Ah yes all is right with my little world and I can’t see past my white picket fence.

One of the boys calls me on the cell about our little trip this weekend.
We intend to spend a little money on the girls that hang out in the cat club.
No one gets hurt, that is if the wives don’t find out.
The woman on TV said they are exploited down there, but we don’t think so.
After all they hide the browses and the needle tracks well with makeup.
Then we will retreat to our perfect homes safe behind our white picket fences.

My kid is listening to some guy named Manson and dressing dark.
I chuckle and remember the…

Storm the other day...

In The Park

Mom Rant

Temple of the Oil Gods

1680x1050 Desktop

1600x1200 Desktop

Copy protected TV hay?



Scotts Story

Sick Vlog - The Flue Sucks But Not In A Good Way

Two links...

Well Since FB won't let me post a link to my file server... I will post it here and see if it will let me post a link to this.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Desktops (1600x1200 and 1680x1050)

Peace :)

Foxes Playing

They tend to play on the road at night, so I don't know if they are safe. May be time for them to move on by now though... Not sure...



Moose Jaw Meet Up

Cops on the job

Canadian Foods


Hanging Around In Moose Jaw

What Am I Doing Today?

This is a few days old - Today I am doing a bunch of stuff for other people - Oh well so much for 1 day out of a month for myself!

New stuff on RedBubble eh... Is my newest RedBubble account - this one is just for the Christian art and T-Shirts I design. I will be keeping the other stuff separate from now on. The other one is - Have a good one all :)

And how many more to type in...


Out Front

Peace Out It Snowed Here


What Inspirers You?

I got the original

I have seen this photo associated with Moose Jaw many times around the net - guess who has the original ;-)

Being that everything I do is considered creative commons it is cool and I love seeing it used :) There are several others that I have seen around and some of my desktops have show up on sights around the net as well. People even modify the images for their own use. This is a pleasure to see. I only with they would send me a link when they do it... I live seeing them :)

On a news server that I moderate on and post a lot on people often grab an image I posted for signature tags or whatever... It is a pleasure in life for sure to have my work used in many ways.

Now if only more people out there had the same idea... All too many people going on about that is mine you can't use it... Oh well share the planet, share the joys :)

Peace - Dave :)

Sole Purpose

A Surprisingly Unexpected Drive

New Apartment Look About

New Place Vlog

Last in the old place

Well packing to move...

Already in the new place :)

So the Catholic Church hay - and other topics

This Building Will Not Be Missed By Me

Open House


Warped Door in the Slade

After some knob booted it past the jam one night...

Out and About

Junk Pile out back of the Slade

Truck Parked Wrong

Grass Fire by the 363

So why inspect the apartment while I am still living in it?

So I have not even begone to move out of here yet. I gave the end of the month as the date I will be vacating on the proper form and all that. But instead of waiting until I am out of here and the place is properly cleaned, they are inspecting tomorrow (Apr 07, 2010). The best part is I can't find one person that has gotten the damage deposit back from these Zarkor people. This does not make sense at all.

By the way, this is a photo of the stairs to the basement apartments from the front of the building. You will notice the vast amount of dirt and the piles of rubbish on the stairs. There is also I light at the end of the hall that has been out for several weeks now (they have been informed - against safety regulations); The light over the pull for the fire alarm is out on this floor for several months (this is against code); Downstairs there is a bike blocking the fire door (another violation); The ventilation on this floor and the next one up is not working (code violation) - the…

So just when you think it is safe...

So just when you think it is safe and you have a good place to live for a long time, reality comes and slaps your face a good one. I just found out that when the rent in the new building I am moving to goes up, it will go up $300. Now this is way the hell out of my price range for sure.

This was my last hops for a safe and affordable place to live in Moose Jaw. What can I say – Greed is the greatest motivator in the lives of all the building owners in this city I guess. After all, when you are making a good profit at $500 for rent, why do you need to charge $800?

This leaves me with no options that are safe and good for my disability at all. I can’t afford to be taking a cab downtown to shop and to see Mom and help her out all the time. So I would be stuck with not helping her at all. This is a great loss for the both of us and she may have to go to a care facility in that event.

The other part of this being a horrible thing is safety. The buildings that are in affordable range are almos…

The Only Wine I Drink

My New Apartment

Will be moving on the 15th...

Last Time Tag

1 Last thing to eat?
2 Last thing you drank?
3 Last time you went shopping for clothing?
4 Last time you went out with no underwear?
5 Last time you cleaned the bathroom?
6 Last time you went out for supper?
7 Last time you went out for coffee?
8 Last time you got drunk?
9 Last time you ordered food to your home?
10 Last time you got physically sick?

2 Water
3 Two months ago
4 Today
5 Last month
6 This afternoon
7 Tonight
8 Last month
9 Three weeks ago
10 The 14th of March, 2010

16 Hours on Blip

Continued on to 26 hours on blip...

26 hours on blip - kind of...

Well I got the 24 hour badge from ( I cheated though - the last 6 hours where done by a friend LOLS. I just could not stay awake any longer, so I passed it on to him to finish. I had a list of them, so it was easy for him to do :) You see you only need to post 1 song every hour for 24 hours to get the badge. We posted more than that and longer than that... Here is the list:
8:00 AM Hour 1
Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor
Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies
Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins
Flogging Molly - What's Left of the Flag
Flogging molly - If i ever leave this world alive
Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday
Flogging Molly - Black Friday Rule
Flogging Molly - Tobacco Island

9:00 AM Hour 2
black sabath - iron man
Black Sabath - Planet Caravan
Black Sabath - Paranoid
Black Sabath - Symptom Of The Universe - cover Matter of Time
Black Sabath - I am Santa Claus

10:00 AM Hour 3
HIM - Don't Fear The …

Mooo - Mooo - Moving

I think this is post #100 on this Blog...

Ghost Story on the Spot


Been blipping my ass off - almost 300 tonight... Most I have ever done in a row...

52 top metal videos...

52 The Sickness - Disturbed 51 Ascendancy - Trivium 50 Masterplan - Masterplan 49 Toxicity - System of a Down 48 The Black Waltz - Kalmah 47 Back in Black - AC/DC 46 Crimson - Edge of Sanity 45 Rising - Rainbow 44 The Chemical Wedding - Bruce Dickinson 43 Rocket Ride - Edguy 42 Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses 41 Mafia - Black Label Society 40 Advance and Vanquish - 3 Inches of Blood 39 Soul Temptation - Brainstorm…

And then the Hospital gives me an Infection or 3!

So I got an infection in my incision. And in the IV sight from the operating room. I was unaware and got sick from it, so I went to the hospital again and then gave me an IV to pump me full of drugs for the infection. Guess what? The IV sight on the other hand got infected even worse than the left hand.

So now I have two very sore wrists (the right one way more so) and an infected belly button. So they hocked me up to an IV again – this time in the left arm – and pumped me full of a tone of drugs. Now I am taking some pills for the next 10 days. With luck this will fix it. After all, I think that there is a chance of them treating me to death in this hospital of ours.

When I was getting the treatment this last time around, the nurse dropped something on the floor and picked it up. She did not change her gloves, thus ending the “Clean Field”. As well I was reading that they should be using two different types of stuff to clean the sight before you get the IV. First an alcohol swab for 30…