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Moose Jaw Meet Up

Cops on the job

Canadian Foods


Hanging Around In Moose Jaw

What Am I Doing Today?

This is a few days old - Today I am doing a bunch of stuff for other people - Oh well so much for 1 day out of a month for myself!

New stuff on RedBubble eh... Is my newest RedBubble account - this one is just for the Christian art and T-Shirts I design. I will be keeping the other stuff separate from now on. The other one is - Have a good one all :)

And how many more to type in...


Out Front

Peace Out It Snowed Here


What Inspirers You?

I got the original

I have seen this photo associated with Moose Jaw many times around the net - guess who has the original ;-)

Being that everything I do is considered creative commons it is cool and I love seeing it used :) There are several others that I have seen around and some of my desktops have show up on sights around the net as well. People even modify the images for their own use. This is a pleasure to see. I only with they would send me a link when they do it... I live seeing them :)

On a news server that I moderate on and post a lot on people often grab an image I posted for signature tags or whatever... It is a pleasure in life for sure to have my work used in many ways.

Now if only more people out there had the same idea... All too many people going on about that is mine you can't use it... Oh well share the planet, share the joys :)

Peace - Dave :)

Sole Purpose

A Surprisingly Unexpected Drive