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#199 a LOL from the government...

OK So the one check I get is upped by $30 so the disability thing needs to be taken down by $30... Just read this and see if it makes sense to you... Wow kind of make me LOL. If you wanted to do it in 2 payments, why not make it half of the amount of overpayment? I can't figure this out... For the sake of $5 you could have just taken the $30 off and be done with it. This to me is strange and funny... LOL.

Mom is having a test On Wed Nov 24th 2010

GlamJ Christmas Supper 2010


Why is it?

Why is it that all people who act like a 4 year old think others are acting like a 4 year old?
Why is it all halfwits think they are smart?
Why is it the ones least able to lead always get the job to lead?
Why is it that the more someone does wrong the more they want to tall on others for doing wrong?
Why is it all people who crave power should never have it?
Why is it most people never think at all?
Why is it most people think online is as important as real life?
Why is it so many people that are complete pussies in real life act like a tough guy online?
Why is it a lot of closet gay men keep saying how heterosexual they are?
Why it is most people can't read better than a 6th grader?
Why is it people just can't drive anymore?
Why it it most people keep saying we need change then when they get it they freak out about it being different?
Why is it when there is no way to win and they have already lost, most people still think they can win?

What is art?

What is art? There is a question I can’t answer in a simple way. I got asked this once several years ago. What I answered then I think is not quite the same as now. Simply anything can be art. Violence if portrayed in a light that is not just gratuitous can be art for example. There is no one set medium for art and it can be created in vast amounts of ways.

For some only the classic forms are art, that being painting, drawing and sculpture. To that way of thinking even music or song is not art. To my way of thinking you can live your life as one great art piece. Anything there for can and is art. Even if it was not intended or created with purpose, it can still be art in the eye of those who look upon it. An example would be a pile of rubble with a sign amongst it that has the right words on it. Unintentional, but still a statement that is artistic in nature.

Not all art has a statement value some of it is just pleasing to the eye. A good example is a sunset or a field of wheat flowing …

193 Ever Had One Of These Moments?

Well got to thinking about events of the last couple of months. So when did I end up with an ex and not remember the relationship?

Seems I missed a few sign posts as I did not want that sort of thing to happen. Now it seems like it was happening but very one sided like. Dealing with this person now is like dealing with your ex-lover... Sigh... I swear I had no idea at the time, but it makes a lot of sense now.

The person in question would deny this to the bitter end I am sure. But the reality is that it looks a lot like a failed relationship of that kind right now. I should be sort of flattered, but I am kind of freaked out. Man things could have been worse if I look at the signs in retrospect.

It is a mystery at best I guess... Oh well... It could never work as by the end of the so called friendship I had come to think of this person as a little on the dangerous side. the person in question did some thing I just do not think should be done to someone else - ever - even if they want it t…

The If Then List

+ If you see a lot of people want to fight, Then you are looking at yourself.
+ If there is always some kind of conflict no matter how hard you try to avoid it, Then you are looking for it deep down inside.
+ If you need to be known, then you don't know yourself.
+ If you need to feel some kind of power in your life, Then you fear being yourself most of all.
+ If you think others see you as ugly, then you think you are ugly.
+ If you think being a man means you have to always be ready for violence, then you are nowhere close to being a man.
+ If the thought of giving your life for others is too much to ask, then you do not deserve to be free.
+ If you need to prove you are in control, then you never will be.
+ If you always have to win, Then you will always fail.
+ If you like to hurt others, then you must hate yourself.
+ If you think I am talking about you with this list, then you need help.

The Small Flame

Looking into the naked candle light I start to see things future and past.
I hear the sound of people long gone whispering quiet joys.
I know that all is as it is going to be, we are only a moment in eternity.
Somewhere water will always flow clean and life will always follow mother earth.
We are one with the flame, we are one with the drift of eternal time.
Sit and listen and watch with me.
The quiet is our door to the spirit world.

DSN Nov. 06, 2010

I hear you Lord

I was on YouTube finding some songs to post the videos to on I coped 3 links and put them in a text file. I opened blip and then re-opened the text file and there was a fourth link. I copied the url and posted it into firefox to see the video. The song was, "tears are not enough". Being that this song has been over played to say the least I would not have gone looking for it and I only looked for the 3 I posted. I have no idea where this came from. Maybe I did it by accident.

I went with Mom to the coop to shop. We first went to the cafeteria to have something to eat. At a table where 12 people all with a wooden cross around their necks. I have not seen someone with a cross on beside my one friend in many months. Now I see 12 at the same time. How many people followed Jesus in his day? 12 to be exact.

So I go to send a message to a Christian friend on MSN. I notice his status was a bible passage, this one to be exact, "Jeremiah 29:12 "Then you will call on m…