So I got an email with a duplicate bill from Shaw the other day. I contacted them on Twitter and they told me it was because I paid "after" the due date. Well the due date has not arrived yet. You see you have to the end of the billing month to pay the dang thing before you get dinged for being late. Being I had paid in full on September 30th, this was kind of astonishing to me. I have been with Shaw for a very long time now and have always paid the bill at the end of the month and always get the bill on the 28th. Not once have I received a duplicate bill from the system.

I've talked to people who have been double billed by Shaw before and I find that interesting. I for a time did not have their service and ended it at the end of my contract term. Being that I had already paid for that months service before the cable was cut off on the last day, I was kind of astonished to get a bill for a months service. I had to go back and forth with them for almost an hour on the phone before they realized this was an error and I did not owe them anything.

To be honest, I've freaking had my fill of Cable TV now. I am tired of paying $72 a month for a bunch of content I don't watch. The only think I watch live is the Saskatchewan Rough Riders football games. My DVR never has more the 6 hours on it a week. I can 100% live without the shows I watch on TV. Several of them I can watch on Netflix or Prime a year after they hit TV - so who cares. When my contract is up I'm done with Shaw.

As for internet, I'll be switching to Sasktel on a lover speed. Will be going for the Sasktel 80 internet instead of the Shaw 300. The download speed is obviously a lot lower, but the upload speed is more important to me as a content creator, and the upload speed with be exactly the same.

I'll not only save the $72 a month for not having cable I'll save about $40 a month on internet as there  is a $5 discount for having a cell plan with them and I do.

For entertainment, I would like to have the Crave package with the movies and the HBO content, but the dang app on my Firestick will not stay logged in - so the heck with them. I'm not paying $20 a month to get content and have to go to a web page and authorize my device literally ever time I want to watch - it's not worth it to me.

So I'll be sticking with Prime Video and Netflix. Netflix is getting better all the time. They are adding original content that I like a lot and will still have a lot of great movies to chose from in the future. I'd say Netflix is worth $20 a month to me as it is and I'm only paying $13.99 so it's all good.

The rest of my entertainment will be YouTube (I have premium) and YouTube Music (I listen to around 20 hours of music a week).

I will however lose the ability to use the Shaw WiFi in our common aria when I'm doing laundry. But I have unlimited data and after the 5GB limit it drops to 2mb/s and that's good enough to steam a YT video on my phone in the laundry room - as well I can download content to the phone or tablet on Netflix, Prime and YouTube - so there is no loss, just have to load up the device in advance if I want to use it.

I typically use 3 or 4 GB a month on my phone as it is. I'm a heavy user of my toys. So $112 a month less would be a big deal to me being I never make the month without being broke as it is now. Still I have a long time left on this dang contract with Shaw. If I could break it with no penalty today, I'd do it - but I can't afford the penalty fees - so I'll keep it till the end.


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